Lipedema & Lymphedema

Areas Treated: head, face, sinuses, neck, shoulders, underarms, arms, hands, chest, lungs, abdomen, legs, feet, back and upper gluteal muscles

Gillian’s integrative Massage Therapy approach is very effective in the treatment of Lymphedema and Lipedema. She helps clients understand the physiological relationship between stress, cortisol, inflammation, gut permeability, ‘emotional eating disorder’, lymphatic congestion, chronic swelling/lymphedema, vascular constriction/fragility, and lipedema vascular leg pain.

Gillian helps clients understand how self-care is key in their self-healing process! Then clients are empowered to take responsibility for their underlying ‘emotional eating disorder’ which causes nutritional deficiencies and weakens organ systems. As clients feel the return of health and wellness, they are able to differentiate ‘emotional hunger’ from nutritional deficiency.

Self-care creates new sensations and nourishing experiences with positive outcomes, such as, Castor oil and Lipedema Essential Oil placed on the anterior/posterior limbs soothes tissues and decreases vascular leg pain. Castor Oil and GI Essential Oil placed on the abdomen decreases gas, bloating, and constipation.

Gillian supports interprofessional collaboration through referral to Naturopathic Doctors for Herbal Supplementation, Acupuncture, and Testing (such as, heart, lung, breath, blood, ph balance, candidiasis, parasites, metabolic, stool). She also refers to Registered Holistic Nutritionalists for vitamin, mineral, and anti-oxidant Supplementation, Organic raw/cooked Recipes, Ketogenic Diet, Food Combining, Digestive enzymes/Probiotics, Pure alkalizing water, Colonic Therapy, Lifestyle & Weight Management.

Positive evidence-informed outcomes:

  • Decreases Lipedema heaviness & vascular leg pain
  • Reduces swelling, edema, & various lymphedemas
  • Improves both lymphatic & vascular circulation
  • Reduces stress & cortisol which congest & stagnate the lymph system
  • Reduces digestive inflammation, gas, bloating, & constipation
  • Acts as a diuretic increasing urination & flushing kidneys of histamines
  • Neuro-balances the brain & energetic body to prevent burn-out