Pre & Post Pregnancy

Areas Treated: head, face, sinuses, neck, shoulders, underarms, arms, hands, chest, lungs, legs, feet, back and upper gluteal muscles

Gillian applies only the Massage Therapy techniques of Swedish, Myofascial, Heat/Cold Hydrotherapy, and Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) without Essential Oils for Pregnancy. She has found that specifically Vodder (MLD) is an excellent therapeutic treatment which helps women selfcare and decrease lymphatic congestion throughout and after pregnancy. Caution with Essential Oils while breast feeding. The reason is that Essential Oils are detoxifying substances which are difficult for a baby’s cells to absorb.

Gillian applies Vodder (MLD) in the first trimester to the scalp, head, neck, shoulders, underarms, chest, lungs, legs, feet, and back in supine or side-line. Gillian’s treatment helps decrease lymphatic congestion because of the increase in hormones and blood volume occurring in the whole body during pregnancy.

In the second trimester Vodder (MLD) helps reduce sciatica and postural misalignment in the pelvis and hips. As the fetus grows inside the womb there is an increase in pressure on all structures causing inflammation, lymphatic congestion and stagnation especially in the lumbo-sacral-pelvic area and legs.

In the third trimester Vodder (MLD) helps reduce the increase in lymphatic congestion, sciatic nerve pain, gluteal/ leg muscle shortness, and fascial restriction. Myofascial and Vodder (MLD) ease the increase in fascial and structural pressure on the back muscles and facet joints which are taking the strain of weight bearing.

Positive evidence-informed outcomes:

  • Enhances calming & soothing for mother & child’s nervous systems
  • Supports self-care & consistent healthy bonding between mother & child
  • Decreases lymphatic congestion, sciatic nerve pain, muscle shortness, & fascial restriction
  • Enhances restorative sleep & improves emotional well-being
  • Reduces edema, lymphatic congestion & stagnation throughout the body
  • Boosts energy & relieves cramping, tightness, stiffness, tension, aches, pains