Sports Massage

Areas Treated: head, neck, shoulders, underarms, arms, hands, chest, lungs, abdomen, legs, feet, back and upper gluteal muscles

Gillian’s integrative Massage Therapy approach is very effective in reducing athlete’s recovery time following intense training or running marathons and triathlons. A recent study in the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, published in 2006, explained how effective regular Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) treatments are for athletes.

The reason being that MLD enhances production of serum muscle enzymes necessary for the regeneration of structural damage to muscle cells. Therefore recovery time is potentially faster depending on the athlete’s uptake of nutrients, oxygen, hydration, lymph and blood flow.

Gillian’s Sports Massage entails initially taking the athlete through Meridian Stretches fully clothed. She then transitions into a 90 minute MLD and Essential Oil treatment. Gillian advocates regular monthly Athletic Self-Care treatments to maximise performance and prevent injury of shin splints.

Gillian treats your head, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, legs, feet and back. The experience creates a gentle rhythmic wave-like motion that uses both palms and soft fingers. This integrative treatment approach deeply calms the nervous system, as well as, improves both lymphatic and vascular circulation.

Positive evidence-informed outcomes:

  •  Increases lymph flow in the lymphatic channels of athletes by up to ten times more than normal levels
  • Flushes out inflammation, lactic acid, and metabolites from fast and slow twitch muscle fibers
  • Enhances production of serum muscle enzymes necessary for athlete’s regeneration of muscle fibers
  • Supports demanding athletic preparation & training for running marathons & triathlons
  • Decreases swelling, edema, strain, & sprain injuries
  • Reduces inflammation, muscle spasm, cramping & painful shin splints
  • Maximizes supply of nutrients, oxygen, hydration, lymph & blood flow
  • Improves athletic recovery, endurance & peak performance